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The Woman In Black

Live at the Fortune Theatre in London


The Woman In Black

Adapted from 1983 Susan Hill’s thriller fiction novel of the same name, The Woman in Black play was first adopted into a theatric performance by Stephen Mallatratt and was staged in Scarborough, UK in 1987. After receiving commercial and critical acclaim the show moved to the Fortune Theatre in London's West End in 1989 where it still runs today. It is the second longest running play in the history of the West End.

With a strong and powerful script to back it up, the performances of Woman in Black have anchored deep the very manifestations of this play and the show with all its magnetism has become very much the part of West End. So when you define London theatre you are bound to encapsulate the essence of Woman in Black, a theatrical jewel which has proven to be a timeless success and a defining phenomenon of London theatre.

The play in a mysterious, horrifying and suspense filled manner captures the experiences of an old lawyer, Arthur Kipps, who reiterates to his audience the life affecting and upsetting experiences of his youth and his troubling memories which have haunted him throughout his lifetime.

Critics' Reviews

of The Woman In Black

The most brilliantly effective spine chiller you will ever encounter. If you haven't seen this show yet you are missing a treat.

The Daily Telegraph

A marvellous exercise in spine tingling tension, spun from perfectly paced storytelling and stagecraft. It's a cracker.

The Independent

There are no mysteries to this show’s longevity; it works because it’s a piece of highly effective craftsmanship.

The Daily Express

Don't go unless you like being scared out of your wits.

The Sunday Mirror

A truly nerve-shredding experience.

The Daily Mail


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